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Tracy Zylyk

Avon Bubble Bath & it's many uses!!


AVON Bubble Bath

This is an excellent streak free cleaner. Cuts grease… leaves a shine you won’t believe… and it’s gentle on the hands. It has no detergent so it leaves no residue or film. No rinsing required.

 These are some uses Avon customers have found helpful:

 ~ One or two capfuls do a whole load of laundry, clean as a whistle. Especially great for colours you don’t want to fade. Gentle but efficient. Does a super job on dirty work jeans and is super for your delicate lingerie

 ~ It’s an excellent pet shampoo. Your pet will smell so nice. There is no soap that irritates their skin. Just rinse after washing, your pet’s hair will be soft and shiny


~ Add a capful to the kid’s wading pool, have them play in bubbles and smell nice

 ~ Wash your delicate drapes with it. Leaves them clean and freshly scented


~ Wash your cars with it, inside and out (shampoo the upholstery) leaves no streaks


~ Mix one cupful to a gallon of warm water and wash your cupboards (all woods)


~ Use as a total rug shampoo. Carpets come out soft and clean and smell nice too!


~ Use bubble bath in water to clean your venetian blinds, makes them shine


~ Grease stains on your best blouse…use straight bubble bath at a stain remover and let it soak for a couple of minutes, wash in the machine afterwards


~ Use to clean chandeliers or other light fixtures, all your appliances in your kitchen (stove, toaster, fridge, kettles and microwaves), windows, mirrors, any glass, fine china, even treasured ornaments


~ Wash walls and ceilings, no rinsing, no streaks, also great for panelling


~ Use some bubble bath with water in your potpourri burner

 ~ Wash your plant leaves with it, they just shine after, feed it to your plant fertilizer


~ Wash floors, especially the no-wax kind. Remember it cuts grease, not harsh on  the finish, leaves no dulling residue


~ Any spoils on rugs or upholstery, car seats etc. Just take straight bubble bath on a damp cloth and rub the spot. It removes about any stain and will not leave a trace where the spot was. Don’t wet the spot with water (that will leave the stain)


~ It is a terrific jewellery cleaner for custom jewellery as well as real jewellery.


Best of all… it is a great bubble bath that comes in many fragrances…lots of bubbles and no tub ring!